5 Fabulous Places To Find Pinup Clothes for Real Bodies and Budgets

Usually when scheduling a pinup session, the first thing that comes to mind is “Whatever am I going to wear?” Depending on how busy your schedule is and your experience with pinup outfit shopping, it can definitely feel a little (to very) difficult to find that perfect pinup outfit for your session.

Luckily, here at Chicago Pinup Photography, we have a closet filled with some incredible prop clothes you can borrow for your session! You’re also more than welcome to bring in something from your own closet to showcase during your pinup session.

But if you’re like me, where you're just itching for an excuse to do some shopping, then it's time to hit the online retail jungle and scoop up some retro goodies just for you! Ready or not,  here are five pinup fashion sites to flip for:

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#1 Pinup Girl Clothing

Quite possibly our favorite of the bunch, Pinup Girl Clothing carries every conceivable size and it’s all built to last. That means you can wear your stunning outfit for your session and then rock it at home for some more pinup fun!

The website is incredibly user-friendly, informative, and even features fun curated collections in addition to the standard categories there are to choose from. That means there are TONS of absolutely gorgeous options you can discover and fall in love with (we definitely did).

And as an added Bonus, their swimwear is just as adorable, and some of their gorgeous pieces can double as either dresses or lingerie for your pinup session!

The words you’re looking for are “ OMG YES!” Honestly, who wouldn’t want a fabulous pinup outfit they could show off at the studio and then the beach?

#2 Doll Me Up


Just as diverse and fabulous in their outfit selections, Doll Me Up is another pinup store for the books. Their adorable online shop is home to some truly unique offerings, like this Peachy Keen Peasant Dress and this darling Vintage Style Valentine Bere.

They carry dresses, separates, accessories, and even have plenty of stuff under $40 to choose from!

But what really makes this pinup store so amazing is that most of their inventory is offered in the full range of sizes-- that means it’s okay to let yourself fall in love with practically EVERYTHING. Doll Me Up understands that women of all different shapes and sizes enjoy their stylish offerings, and so they make it a point to cater to their shoppers.

#3 Tatyana

Skyler's PinUp (7).JPG

Formerly known as Bettie Page (which has since been snapped up by a rather more limited distributor) Tatyana offers sizes from XXS to 4XL, and is known for everything fitting, and fitting right!

In case you were little curious about their brand’s origination, its creator and lead designer earned her stripes at Modcloth, and branched out to create her own unique look.

The brand has evolved throughout the years but has maintained its focus on a very chic and retro style. Like the previous brands we’ve mentioned, Tatyana also caters to women that come in all shapes and sizes, making them another one of our favorites here at the studio.

If you have any questions or ideas you wanted to go over, you are absolutely welcome to give us a call before your session. Our goal is to make your vision for your pinup session a reality, so don’t hesitate to give us a ring!

#4 Modcloth


This is our “Snow White” of the group, essentially being the brand that “started it all. In 2013, ModCloth began offering extended-size options in 2013, and was pretty much an instant hit. They were the leading brand in creating accessible vintage-inspired fashion and are recognized for their exceptional customer service.

They also have a terrific social interface and ratings system. That means you can browse through reviews and other customer images before you decide to commit to a purchase.  This definitely helps you get a good idea of how the items look in real life (on real bodies).

If there are any pinup bride-to-be’s out there, Modcloth is definitely a brand to look into. They have a gorgeous assortment of explicit styles for such occasions, with new releases all the time!


#5 Atomic Cherry

Atomic Cherry specializes in being stylishly retro without crossing over into costume territory (unless purposely trying) so that you can look authentically adorable for your pinup session!

They also host a variety of patterns, prints, and solids. That basically means that there's something for everyone in their catalog of vintage outfits! They even have a “Hell Bunny” section for all those vintage-loving goth gals out there!

Their incredible quality means you really can wear it again and again once you're done with whatever event you're buying for! This site is a good way to incorporate the unique flavor of your own self-expression with a retro twist. They have some of the most darling dresses we’ve come across with so many different styles and patterns to choose from!

They even have props and other vintage inspired goodies you can treat yourself to!  

Regardless of where you shop, you’re going to want to make sure that you check out the return policy for each online store before purchasing! No one wants to buy something they didn’t end up loving or that didn’t fit right, but it happens. In these cases, it’s good to know that you can return or exchange the item for something a little more “you”.

You’re going to look absolutely fabulous for your pinup session in whatever it is you decide to wear! From your professionally styled hair and makeup to your gorgeous pinup outfit(s), we’ve got you covered!

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and schedule your initial pinup consultation to discover more about our studio! We’ll be sure to cover all the bases so that you’re ready to take charge and absolutely rock your pinup session.    







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