The 6 Biggest Myths About Boudoir Photography

We always say that every woman should think about doing boudoir photography for herself, but there are a lot of myths and disinformation floating around out there that keep that train of thought from ever even leaving the station. Instead of missing out on an amazing opportunity, let's debunk 6 of the biggest myths around boudoir photography so that you can schedule your session and get those amazing images for yourself!

#1 It’s All About Sensuality

A boudoir shoot can find the balance between sensual & sexy

A boudoir shoot can find the balance between sensual & sexy

While it's definitely sensual, boudoir photography is never tawdry, and doesn't even need to include lingerie! It's all about creating your own fantasy of intimate beauty. You could be wearing a sweater, a ball gown, or shorts and a t-shirt. The photos can be in strong or soft focus, semi-nude or fully covered up. You set the tone—and it’s not necessarily about sensuality (though you’re welcome to create that tone, if that’s what you want). Instead, look at it as intimacy: a look at, not just your body, but the inner beauty that helps shape who you are.

#2 My Body Needs to Be Perfect for Boudoir Shots

Everybody has a rockstar boudoir pose!

Everybody has a rockstar boudoir pose!

False, false, false! Boudoir is for every body, whether petite, curvy, slim, tall, or plentiful; college girls and grandmas, pregnant goddesses and the tomboy. The whole point of boudoir photography is getting a private glimpse into the real you, and we are dying to show you just how luminous you are!

All too many women get stuck on their flaws: stretch marks, scars, and rolls. The truth is, those things aren’t just part of you that you’re stuck with. They’re part of your beauty! Through the lens of the camera, those stretch marks become tiger stripes, your scars become badges of honor, and your rolls become sensual, sexy, and special. The body you have right now is perfect for a boudoir shoot. I’ll do some post-shoot editing if that makes you feel more comfortable, but remember, a boudoir shoot is about the body you have, not just the body you dream of—and your body is beautiful and amazing.

#3 Boudoir Isn’t for Shy Girls

During a boudoir shoot, you can express yourself like never before

During a boudoir shoot, you can express yourself like never before

Let's throw this one right out the window, since the very definition of boudoir photography is that it takes place in an intimate setting, where shyness and subtlety is an asset. Not to mention that getting in front of a camera and seeing the beautiful results will leave you feeling empowered and strong--something every shy person needs!  A good photographer completely takes over styling, posing, and direction, so your nerves don't even have to give that a second thought.

Do you feel a little shy and self-conscious? That’s okay! I’ll help you warm up and get more comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes, that shyness is an incredible asset as it hints at something more than the camera is allowed to see—and it can create an even sexier look.

#4 You Need a Man to Give Your Photos To


Let's be real here for a minute: you don't technically need a man to do anything these days. So why should that not also be true for boudoir photos? This is a chance for you to appreciate your femininity--with or without a partner. If you want to explore and glamorously document yourself as a strong, powerful, beautiful, fierce woman, then boudoir is for you, baby!  

Many of my clients are astonished to discover that they fall in love with themselves all over again after their boudoir shoots. The feel sexy, empowered, and glamourous. Who needs a man when you can have those great feelings all on your own? In fact, if you’re single, there’s no better time to have a boudoir shoot. Come in, get pampered, and appreciate yourself. You don’t need a man in your life for that—and if you need to make it a gift, consider your boudoir shoot a gift you’re giving yourself.

#5 Boudoir Shoots are Very Expensive

Boudoir photography yields high quality art

Boudoir photography yields high quality art

Yes, boudoir photos are priced higher than your average family session, but it's also something you're going to do way less often. This is an investment in yourself, and while you don't want to break the bank, now is not the time to bargain hunt. Finding a photographer you trust with an amazing portfolio is your priority here. The good news is that many photographers offer different packages, and the really good ones offer payment plans, too. So don't let the false anticipation of sticker shock keep you down! Chances are, you can afford a boudoir shoot—and it may be more affordable than you think. Do some research before you assume that it’s out of your price range. Check out the packages you have available. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a stunning boudoir shoot!

#6 My Pictures Will End Up on the Internet

This is a hard NO. Client privacy is topmost priority for any professional boudoir photographer with a good rep. Should the photographer get some exceptionally gorgeous shots from your session, they may want to display it in their portfolio, in which case they will need your permission--which you don't have to give unless you want to!  Remember, a reputable photographer has a vested interest in guarding your privacy, since word-of-mouth is everything to them. Your photos aren’t going anywhere that you don’t want them to, so feel free to enjoy them! If you want to protect your privacy, you might not want to send digital images to anyone that you don’t trust absolutely—but you can rest assured that your photographer isn’t going to put out images that you don’t want to share.

Myths: busted! Instead of getting hung up on the myths associated with boudoir photography, you can now move forward with confidence. Boudoir photography is a fun, empowering, and even affordable experience—and it’s for you! What are you waiting for? Come check it out!

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