7 Alternatives to Lingerie for a Boudoir Shoot

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When planning a sexy photo session, most people automatically think of lingerie, but that needn’t be the case! There are several amazing alternatives to lingerie that can be every bit as sexy as your unmentionables. Raid your closet and let your imagination roam free to come up with some fun and sensual alternatives to the traditional push-up bra and garters.

#1: T-shirts

A tight t-shirt with a pair of cute boy shorts, or a cut-off tee with his favorite panties is a super simple, ultra-hot combo. You can even incorporate t-shirts from important events, like a concert you both attended, or a shirt from a particularly memorable encounter. These wardrobe workhorses look cute on everybody, and there’s no limit to how they can be styled.

#2: Menswear

Whether you throw on the plain button-down shirt or bra and panty set, don a tie, or go 50 shades of Marlene Dietrich, men’s clothes can be one of the hottest ways to give off that fresh-from-the-bedroom look. Try grabbing something that belongs to him, so that every time he puts it on, he’ll have no choice but to think of you in it!

So whenever you’re ready, go ahead and schedule a call! I can’t wait to help you plan the ultimate gift for him and, of course, yourself!

#3: Tulle


This may seem like an unusual one, but think ballet tutus, flouncy skirts, and even just a length of tulle fabric bundled up against the skin or held up and spread out like wings over your back, creating a screen through which the viewer can just make out your lovely form. There are so many different ways to play with this versatile and inexpensive fabric.

#4: A sexy sweater or cardigan

Sweaters are amazing because they’re soft, form-fitting, and universally flattering. There’s a shape and color and texture for literally every gal. We’ve all heard of Sweater Girls, but you can even go for the librarian look with an unbuttoned cardigan and some thick-framed glasses. Sweaters can also be combined with an endless number of other wardrobe items, even lingerie, and it’s cheeky fun to choose something that he’ll recognize you in later.

Age is just a number and I guarantee you are absolutely stunning! I’d love to show you if you’ll give me the chance! Even if you aren’t sure about whether boudoir is something for you, a chat won’t hurt!

Take a chance, gorgeous! I promise you’ll thank yourself later


#5: Sheer robe or dress

Following the “less-is-more” model, A sheer robe or dress can give just enough information to distract the mind while teasing the eye with the promise of more. This can be a great alternative for the Bohemian gal, or one who’s not quite ready to go full lingerie yet.

#6: A Swimsuit

Swimsuits are basically lingerie that you wear in the water. Yes, they’re functional, but they’re also oh-so-cute and can function as a quick stand-in for more revealing lingerie while remaining every bit as sexy.

You can even go a bit further with the beach theme with a sheer cover up and a big floppy hat, or perhaps add a wet look to your hair and skin.

#7: Sheets!


Wrap yourself in bed coverings, and you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Nothing is simpler than a cocoon of white combed cotton, or more direct.

The number of combinations and ways to drape a sheet across your body are endless, and the perfect accessory to poses that take place on a bed. Not to mention it’;s one of the easiest items to procure and certainly the most comfortable!

So go ahead and schedule a chat with me! I can’t wait to hear your story and what your vision is for your dream boudoir session!








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