Baby, You’re a Firework! Patriotic Pinup Girls


Ah, the American Pinup Girl: she embodied the wild youth and free spirit of the 1920s, sold calendars throughout the 30s and 40s, and reminded lonely servicemen what they were fighting for during World War II. Every barracks, plane, and pocket bore a picture of these all-American dolls — and like fireworks and apple pie, they never go out of style! There are so many reasons to recapture the fun of this classic style. Maybe you’ve got a significant other in the military, and you want to inspire them to “serve and protect” while giving a much-needed glimpse of what’s waiting for them at home. Or you identify as the girl-next-door, the pie-making mom, the pioneer woman, the Rosie that kept a nation going through its toughest times. Perhaps you just look devastating in red, white, and blue. Maybe you just want to look into the camera, point a suggestive finger, and say, “I want YOU!”


Even better, unlike Christmas or Valentine’s day, there so many holidays throughout the year that follow this same theme--July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day--making literally any season a good season to bust out the bunting and let your flag fly. Heck, turn your photos into refrigerator magnets and put them up seasonally, or send greeting cards of yourself striking a vintage pose with a wink and a cheer. And how much fun would a calendar be? Imagine: 12 shots of you in various poses of appealing, motivating, patriotic glory. That’s certainly a gift he’ll never forget.


Whether you’re bold or a little shy, there’s literally something for everyone in this vein. Put on a crisp, striking uniform to command maximum attention. Drape yourself in stars and stripes and cast your most irresistible come-hither glance. Put the focus on a gorgeous face with a head shot and some great props, like a navy hat and some flags. Strike a USO show pose for the boys with some red pumps and a dazzling smile. Or slay them with your cutest, most hapless, “oh my goodness, I don’t know how I fell out of my clothes and into this flag in an unbelievably sexy way” face, a la the mischievous pinup girls by famous pinup artist Gil Elvgren.


Some more fun ideas:

  • Recreate a famous shot from a vintage pinup war poster.

  • Put together an outfit like one of the bomber girls that adorned fighter jets.

  • Do a sexy play on Uncle Sam.

  • Add a nurse or cowgirl outfit to a flag theme for a double-whammy fantasy shot.

  • Pose with a bunch of fireworks to show who the little bottle rocket really is!

No matter what outfit or pose you choose, you’re sure to light up their eyes while sparkles fill the skies. From sea to shining sea, America is beautiful, and it’s You.