7 Reasons Why Boudoir Photos are For Every Woman


If you’ve thought about doing a boudoir photo session but immediately bumped yourself out of the running because you are not the “right” type, stop right there!

Boudoir is not just a photo shoot. Boudoir is about you as a woman, how beautiful you are, and capturing your confidence. It’s an incredibly empowering and fun experience that we want every woman to have! Here's why:

#1. It’s Incredibly Liberating

Nothing boosts confidence and helps you love every inch of yourself like a series of gorgeous boudoir photos featuring you as the star.

You'll discover new beauties and strength that you didn't even know were there, and whether you choose to display them openly or not, you'll always have that secret satisfaction and newfound boldness.

#2. It Shifts Your Focus

What was the last time you did something for yourself--only for yourself--because you either wanted to or it simply made you feel good…? Yeah, that's what we thought.

As women, we tend to do things for others first, and if we ever do get around to doing something for ourselves we end up feeling guilty about it. We think this needs to change. Boudoir gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself for a change, and if Mama's happy, then everyone's happy.

#6. You Create a Time Capsule

So often, women are misrepresented in history or left out of it altogether, and in day-to-day life, we frequently find ourselves behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Boudoir shots are a subtle glimpse into the real you at an important time in your life; they are commemorative and celebratory in a way that few photos will ever be. What a pleasure to be able to look back on the real you at your best! Are you ready to take the plunge?

#7. You WILL Look Amazing

This is no small thing--who doesn't want to look amazing? Celebrities and the 1% always have the advantage of photoshop and professional stylists, leaving the rest of us feeling wanting by comparison.

Well, guess what? You can look every bit as amazing as them, and you should, and we can absolutely help you do that!  

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#3 Sometimes you just need to be the Queen

Who wouldn't want having a bevy of personal hair makeup and wardrobe artists hovering about you, primping and pampering, feeding you yummy snacks, and generally making you feel like the most important person in the room? The only “drawback” is that this kind of thing might just get addictive!

#4. It Lets You Challenge Yourself

We are all our own harshest critics. Maybe that's why we take so few risks in life; we've already talked ourselves out of it! Perhaps it's time for a life-changing experience, a bit of boundary-pushing, a little letting go. Boudoir shots are a perfect way to turn your Fear into  Fierceness.

#5. It's Unimaginably Sexy

Film buffs say that the secret to Hitchcock's captivating storytelling wasn't what he showed, but what he left to the imagination--and this is exactly what boudoir photography does.

Discreet  sensuality is hotter than an explicit reveal, and if a taste of honey is worse than none at all, then Honey, will you leave them wanting more.