Discover 3 EASY Steps To Uncover Your Confident, Sassy Self:


Hi Doll!!! I’m Karina Velez, the owner of Chicago Pinup Photography, and I am declaring this the SUMMER OF SELF LOVE!

I’m tired of strong, confident, gorgeous women being told that they are anything less than perfect! I am fed up with women being bombarded by ads pressuring us to change everything about us in order to feel good about ourselves.

I’m standing up against ads preaching at us to drop a few lbs...or get a tan...or use some magic stretch mark removal cream…NO MORE!

Businesses want you to feel bad about yourself so you’ll feel pressured to buy their stuff to ‘fix’ what isn’t really broken, but come a little closer because I have a secret…

💖 Doll, you are PERFECT just the way you are. Every curve, every wrinkle, every scar is absolutely stunning!

During the Summer Of Self Love, it’s time that you finally see how stunningly gorgeous you are…

Here are 3 EASY steps to uncover your confident, sassy self:

➡️ Stop being so mean to yourself!

Think about the last time you looked in the mirror. What did you say to yourself as you stared at your reflection? Were they things you would NEVER consider saying to a friend? If so, stop being such a meany to yourself.

Instead, offer up words of love and kindness as you look in the mirror. Say things like: I am gorgeous! I am confident. I look soooo good! I love my body and my body loves me.

Go ahead, try it!

➡️ Get all dolled up just because!

Why wait for a special night out to put on your favorite outfit that makes you feel fantastic? Put on your favorite outfit, fix your hair exactly how you like it and put on some makeup...then head to the grocery store! Flaunt your killer confidence as you add milk to your cart. Do a little shimmy as you walk down the aisle pushing your cart. Flirt with the cashier. Doll, own your confident, sassiness!

As you’re turning heads, feel your inner confidence grow. The more you step into and OWN your confidence the more confident you will become.

Where will you be heading this week all dolled up?

➡️ Book a Pin Up Photoshoot for a confidence-boosting experience

What better way to fall in love with yourself than with a complete pampering session that ends with you walking away with GORGEOUS photos of you to remind you of how amazing you are?

During your session, you will enjoy a professional hair and makeup session with our in-house beauty artists. Then you will let your inner Pinup out to play during your personalized photoshoot. No need to practice your poses beforehand. I will guide you every step of the way so you feel confident, sexy and camera-ready!

Your session is created just for YOU! It can be as mild or as wild as you desire.

After your session, we will come together for a private viewing party...this is when the real magic happens. As you sort through your images the truth of your beauty will begin to unfold. You will see how cute your nose really is and how the shape of your hips makes you irresistible. You will see how every part of you comes together to create a perfect masterpiece - YOU!

Every woman deserves to feel confident, sassy and on fire! Don’t wait another second to embrace your awesomeness!

We always book up FAST, and only have 10 spots left for Pinup Photoshoots this summer. Click HERE to book your complimentary consultation to discover how fun it is to play Pinup for a day!

Here’s what a few of our Pinup Girls have to say about their experience with Chicago Pinup Photography:

“If I could give 10 stars, I would. Karina, Jazzy, and Rosie are AMAZING and I am honestly so unbelievably thrilled with how the experience turned out. I struggled my entire life with my self image and the past few years have been especially trying. I wanted to do a Pin Up shoot because I wanted to finally look the way I felt inside - a confident, sassy, and just a little flirty lady who can rock a pair of fishnets. Rosie's make-up and hair style for me was divine, I wouldn't have changed a thing about either. Karina and Jazzy were so welcoming and warm, I felt at ease immediately. I tend to be on the shy side around people I've just met but I was so comfortable in the charming environment that Karina has set up in the studio that it was easy for me to let down my guard and get some truly incredible pictures. Karina caught the side of me that I never get to show other people because I simply didn't know how to materialize it. The experience alone is definitely worth every penny - and now I have pictures to remind myself that I can present the real me to the world and be damn proud of who I am.” ~ Keely

“It was one of the best,most beautiful experiences I've ever had in my life. The ladies were absolutely amazing. They were warm,professional,and put me @ ease as soon as I walked in the door. They reminded me that all the beauty that was showcased on the outside reflected my insides as well. I'm a plus size woman & consider the myself beautiful but,damn if they didn't make my hotness go up a few Kelvin. Fantastic experience & one every woman should have. Every woman should know what it's like to feel that gorgeous & this place,the group of women will definitely help you see & feel it down to your bones.” ~ Desiree

“The entire team is amazing! From the minute you walk in the door it is all about you. They pamper you and help you feel comfortable so can you can rock your inner awesome. It shows up in every frame! Karina knows how to photograph hurls of every shape and size and make them look amazing. Seriously if you can you absolutely should do a shoot with these wonderful women!” ~ Abbey

“I was so nervous about a photo shoot, but these ladies are so professional and fun! This is such a pro-feminine business. They practice what they preach. Karina and her team will help you celebrate what God gave you. I highly recommend this experience.” ~ Jennifer

Ready to be our next Pinup Girl? Click HERE to book your complimentary consultation to discover how fun it is to play Pinup for a day!