Embracing Changes As We Age


Contrary to popular belief, aging has its perks. In a recent study, researchers found that mood problems such as depression and general anxiety actually decrease for women in the years after menopause. Participants reported feeling more peaceful, less tense, and even more outgoing and social than they did just a few years earlier.  It seems that when Aunt Flo leaves, she takes her baggage with her.For many women, this significant change comes about as a result of winding down from family duties, resulting in significantly more “me” time. But why wait until after you’ve given hot flashes the cold shoulder to start enjoying your life again? Instead, reclaim your time with these four simple steps.

  1. Cultivate independence by rethinking “mad money.” Joint finances are a classic way to maximize a budget in most relationships; but somehow, everyone else's needs seem to come before your own. It's time to bring back the concept of a woman’s private Nest Egg. Start with a modest sum and add to it as you can, making sure that it remains untouched. Whether it's for retirement, or a dream vacation, or simply to pay for your favorite hobbies and little luxuries, having this little stronghold of financial Independence can go a long way toward decreasing your stress levels.

  1. Schedule your “me time.” A lot of self-care routines fail because we tend to think of them as something will do “when we get a minute,” and then that minute never comes because we forgot or got busy and didn't think about it. Rest assured that if you have a spare moment, there will always be someone or something around to claim it as their own. Make sure you get in there before anything or anyone else does and calendar that goat yoga session.

  1. Realize that pampering your skin and body is not vanity. In one of the classic Catch-22s of modern womanhood, society has somehow taught us that we are to both A. Spend all of our extra cash on beauty products to make us more attractive and B. That spending too much time using those products makes us vain or high-maintenance. This is, of course, a ludicrous conflict of interests. I mean, let's be real: it's all maintenance from here on out. Do you want to be the hottest old lady in the nursing home, or don't you? Girl, slather on that lotion like a baby harp seal. Take that rose petal bubble bath. Get that hot stone massage. You wouldn't neglect maintenance on your home or your car, and your body is a far more important investment.

  1. Give yourself permission to do things just for You. In some strange, ascetic, Spartan twist, your mother and your grandmother may have trained you to believe that taking time to care for your own needs was selfish. That neglecting your personal desires was somehow a virtue. Sacrifice, selflessness, blah blah blah. Listen, you've only got one You. If you run it into the ground, how is it going to take care of anyone else?

Take it from us: glow-ups can happen at any age! Developing strong self-care routines now and sticking to them will help you glow and keep you glowing from the inside out for a long time to come.