Fear With Capital F


I’ve had the privilege of working with so many gorgeous women in my lifetime. But before their sessions, most had one fear or another that kept them from booking…

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of a few “fears” that women have had before their session that kept them from booking sooner...

I want to share them with you today because in this age of filters and heavy image edits, self-esteem is at an all-time low.  When it comes to  considering whether or not to do a personal photo shoot, Fear with a capital F is the number one obstacle stopping women from embracing their bodies.

Whether you have struggled with feeling low about yourself or just want a day to relax and feel beautiful, a private shoot will give you the opportunity to see and appreciate yourself in a whole new light.

#1 Being in Front of the Camera


Confidence is everything; in photos you can see it in the sparkle of an eye, the flash of a smile, the gleam of expression. But a lack of confidence can lead to being “camera shy.” It starts with something small until our minds start thinking of a million reasons why taking a picture is a bad idea.

Pictures are meant to create memories that we can cherish and look back on later. That’s why embracing your beautiful natural self is key to overcoming your fear of being in the spotlight!

Even if you can’t be as confident in yourself as you would like right now, trust in your photographer and their wonderful staff! It's their job, and pleasure, to bring out your best features and stunning qualities. Much like you would trust your doctor or your hair stylist or any other professional, trust us to know what we’re doing.  We’re all about helping women discover their unique beauty-- and that's why we’d love to work with you!


#2 “I’m Not a Model”

When you see a gallery of gorgeous pinup or boudoir photos, what are the thoughts that go through your head?  

Do you admire their flawless smiles and hair? Their all too perfect poses and makeup? Well, the reality is that with the right lighting, makeup, hair, wardrobe, and slight photo touch-up, every woman can look like that…

So why shouldn’t you? With a personalized shoot, you can experience the exact same jaw-dropping, professional transformation. My staff of female professionals are all about making you feel and look your absolute best...It's simply what we do.

And before you roll your eyes and say “ya right”, make sure you take another peek through my gallery. Those gorgeous gals were just like you, unsure and doubtful of just how gorgeous they were. Now they’re immortalized as the gorgeous pin-up gals and boudoir queens they are.

Now it’s your turn! Submit a form and let’s get you started on your GLAMOROUS transformation!

#3 I Just Don’t Look Good in Photos


I’ll stop you right there gorgeous… you look absolutely stunning, whoever is taking your picture is who is our “Bad Picture” culprit.

I mean, they just don’t know how to work your angles like a professional boudoir and pinup photographer can!

Anyone, whether they’re a friend, family member, or a stranger, that doesn’t twist, turn, squat, lunge, or get into any other weird position when trying to take your picture, isn’t trying hard enough to get the best you possible. I mean to them it's just another picture.

They don’t realize their sloppy handy work has an impact, and that’s why it’s time to put those “I only take bad pictures” rumors to rest… for good.

I know that every woman’s body is unique, and if you try and “cookie cut” the 7 same poses and angles for every woman, you aren’t going to capture them at their best.

I love seeing the reactions women have when they finally get to see how stunning they look in front of the camera! They’re absolutely blown away by just how gorgeous they look, and they can’t believe they waited to finally see it.

That’s why I make sure to go above and beyond during each pinup and boudoir session  I shoot! I know how incredibly beautiful women are, and I won’t stop until every woman sees it for themselves!


Comparatively Speaking

How is everyone so effortlessly beautiful? It seems like there’s always someone out there with a better smile or hair style or outfit. You're fine taking pictures on your own, but years of negatively comparing yourself to others has you anxious to take group pictures.

But the reality is, every single one of those girls, no matter how smiley and confident she appears, is doing the exact same thing you are! You are all uniquely gorgeous, and it's time to celebrate your assets instead of  wishing that you also had someone else's. Just remember, while you’re wistfully side-eying someone’s perfectly arched eyebrows, they’re looking over at you and thinking, “Damn, I wish I had her eyes!”

It’s time to put your fears to rest once and for all! You deserve to look and feel confident in your body and stunning features.  At Chicago Pinup and Boudoir, we take pride in our supportive and 100% judgement free studio space!

Whatever your perfect session is, we can make it happen! There is no age limit, there is no size range, there are no disqualifiers to manifesting your sexy. YOU make the rules, and we want to help you break them!

The model we really want to photograph is YOU— so make sure you submit a form a below and schedule a call. Your time to shine is now, and we’ve got the spotlight ready!

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