From Boudoir to Boardroom: The Hidden Empowerment of Lingerie

From boudoir to Boardroom (1)

From boudoir to Boardroom (1)

Though it’s difficult to imagine now, for most of the 20th century, women still had to contend with a certain shamefulness associated with their underthings; the majority of bras and panties were unattractively bulky and utilitarian, and negligees were not something the average, proper woman possessed. The very word “unmentionables” tells you all you need to know about how lingerie was viewed. Now, however, all that has changes, and lingerie is not only viewed as a necessary luxury for every woman, but even empowering! Here’s why:

It lets you express yourself

Just because you’re wearing a blazer and pencil skirt doesn’t mean you don’t have on a wickedly strappy and sheer pair of panties underneath. Feeling flirty and playful? Slip into a cherry-print push-up bra and thong. In a modest mood? Pull out the satin chemise and high-waisted retro briefs. Getting in a cool girl groove can call for a microfiber t-shirt bra and coordinating cheeky shorts. Whether you’re feeling adventurous, mysterious, aloof or come-hither, the perfect lingerie combo can make you feel like you’re not just slipping into something comfortable, but donning a superhero suit.

You can buy it just for you

Lingerie shouldn’t just be something that you wear for someone else—a sweet nothing that stays on for 2 minutes only to land on the bedroom floor. When you take the time and effort to adorn your body in gorgeous, sexy lingerie, it physically reminds you of your self-worth and boosts your self-confidence. It unleashes feminine creativity. Start thinking of it as a wardrobe investment on par with work or going-out clothes. You don’t need an excuse or event—you ARE the event!

It puts YOU in charge

Wearing beautiful lingerie makes women feel sexy, strong and bold, encouraging them  to inhabit their bodies with confidence. It allows women to feel unapologetically feminine. In the modern era, lingerie is clothing that can enable women to express sexual autonomy. If worn for herself, lingerie allows women to take charge. In all circumstances, it enables all women to dress how they like all the time, whether they want to display it or not.

It’s your Little Secret

Is there anything more delicious than having a sly little secret? You may be at work, at church, running errands, etc.—but underneath, you look like a goddess and you know it.  Since lingerie allows you to express who you really are no matter what brand or style of clothing you are wearing over it, you can make it a kind of refuge for who you are on the inside. Every women has diamond-like facets of thoughts and emotions, and lingerie can be a key way to keep in touch all of that when we don’t want necessarily wish or need to declare it to the outside world. Unless of course you want to declare it to me your boudoir photographer! (We only post with your consent.)

So no matter what your life circumstances, responsibilities, or hidden sides, all of that can either fade away or find an outlet in the lingerie you choose. Embolden yourself. Empower yourself.  Be fabulous.  Be YOU.