From The Lingerie Files: How To Shop for Your Shoot


So you’ve booked a boudoir shoot, and now you need to buy some killer threads--sheer and skimpy threads, that is. Getting the right style that flatters your body type can be such a challenge, but we’ve got some tips to take you from dread to delight in six easy steps.


Bring someone you trust for feedback

We cannot overstate the importance of this. Shopping for regular clothes can be nerve-wracking enough, never mind shopping for sweet nothings. Even the most experienced lingerie shopper may find herself looking for minutes on end at the mirror, trying to figure out whether or not she actually looks good in the latest bra-and-panties pairing. A seasoned friend can tell you instantly whether or not you are working it, or it's working you. 

Window shop online first to save time

While it's important to buy lingerie for your session after trying it on first, do yourself a favor and take a little time beforehand to check out the online stores of retailers that you plan on visiting in person. If what they're offering online is not for you, you can just skip that store!  But if you see some things you’d like to try on, make a list of things to try on and astound the salespeople with your speed and preparation. Speaking of which . 


Banish irritating salespeople 

Some of us are just not comfortable with being touched by strangers, or allowing them to ogle us in our altogether, no matter how noble their cause (or commission rate.)  If you visit a big lingerie chain, chances are the sales folks are under direct orders to pressure you into a bra fitting, or hang around your room every 30 seconds asking if you need help. It's not their fault;  they're just doing their jobs. And it's perfectly fine to tell them to go away so you can garb yourself in peace. 

Try on styles and colors you already love (and some you don’t)

Already know what colors make your skin glow? Perfect!  Make sure that you try on lingerie in those colors, if it's available. It's of utmost importance that you feel sexy and happy in your lingerie on the day of your shoot.  However, don't be afraid to try on some new things too-- if a color or a pattern strikes your fancy, try it on! Intrigued by the cut of that chemise? Try it on! There’s no commitment behind the dressing room curtain, you may be surprised by what looks best on you.

Keep in mind your body type and comfort level 

Ultimately, whatever you feel beautiful in is what you should wear. So really, there are no rules about lingerie and body type. But if--like a lot of gals--there’s just parts of your body that you’re happier hiding, then keep that in mind when selecting lingerie. If you need help with this, here’s a handy infographic

Embrace The Glamour 

Lastly, focus on the fun and allure of dolling yourself up in such an intimate way, and really allow yourself to savor the star quality of trying on satin and lace, being waited on, and admiring yourself at leisure. Maybe pop some champagne for you and your friend, and really live it up! You’re the leading lady of the show, and it's your red carpet moment before the big premiere.  Live it. Own it. Love it!