Juicy Summer Fruits


Summer’s always cool at Chicago Pinup Photography! But in heat waves like this when even the pool might feel like bathwater, there’s not much to do besides thank heaven for cute cotton blouses and hope the AC keeps working. Cooking is right out of the question. So it’s no surprise that we find ourselves drawn to the cool, luscious fruits of the season.

During our pinup photo shoots, we tell our dolls to get creative with props all the time. But few think about just how evocative something as ordinary as fruit can be when used in this context. And it makes so much sense: summer fruits are round, fleshy, sweet, and tempting--just like the perfect pinup!  No wonder classic lines of appreciation include “Look at that tomato,” and “What a peach!”

So for a pinup photo that lingers in the mind— so sweet he can practically taste it— think cherries, peaches, melons, plums. And keep things cool with one of these other ideas for some fruity fun:

Fruit-printed pinup dresses: If you’re planning a shoot with us, you’ll probably want to pick out a special piece that’s just for you. Luckily, the talented folks at Lindy Bop know a thing or two about pinup fashion and stock the prints to prove it.

Everyday fruit clothes, accessories, and decor: Leave it to Modcloth to shine a light on all our deepest, retro-ready fantasies with their charming and accessible aesthetic. Watermelon wallet? Check. Twin cherries bluetooth radio? Check. Pineapple skirt with pockets? Check and check.

Easy fruit smoothies: Forget a hot breakfast or half an hour spent over the stove for dinner. Sometimes all you need is chilled fruit, cold milk, and a blender. Bottoms up!


No-so-easy fruit smoothies you’ll still drool over: This is some serious eye candy of the insta-food-gram variety. You may never get around to actually making these, but they’re still a feast for the eyes.

Watermelon beauty products: Did you know that the ubiquitous, humble watermelon is THE hot beauty product of the summer? Tbh, neither did we, and we’re tickled absolutely pink. Pick an of-the-moment product from this Popsugar slideshow, or try a DIY watermelon scrub to instantly gratify your skin and your budget.

Smart detox with a fruit cleanse: If you’re feeling sluggish and allover blah, now may be the perfect time to consider a 3-day cleanse, while all the ingredients are fresh and in season. Just make sure you’re smart and prepared so your body can get the most out of it.

Ultimate summer fruit recipes: Liquid diets not really your thing? Us either. For something you can really sink your teeth into, take a whirl with one of these healthy yet decadent fruit-filled recipes. Bonus! There’s several desserts, and many require little to no heat to prepare.

Vintage fruit jewelry: Unleash your inner dragon and start building a horde of sparkly, cheery, always stylish fruit-inspired baubles. There are great vintage and modern options to choose from, but we like the classic pieces best. Plus they’ll lend a touch of authenticity when you bring them to your photo shoot.

For more summery pinup ideas and inspiration, check out our gallery! And then give us a call to schedule your session. Cheers, dolls!