Liquid Assets: Pinup By The Pool


Few pinup shoot settings are more natural or playful than the pool. What could be easier than throwing on a cute, retro swimsuit, grabbing a beach ball or umbrella, and smiling coyly at the camera? After all, summertime expects a maximum of skin, plus you get to control exactly how much or how little to reveal. Lucky for you, Chicago Pinup Photography has summer pinup shoots down to a T, an art form, nay darling, a science. Get breezy and tease-y with these fun pinup photoshoot ideas and tips during the hottest days of the year!

  1. Keep accessories simple but bold. After all, you don’t deck yourself out in charms bracelets and Hermes to go swimming. Stay true to the theme by limiting your accessories, but making them count. You can and should go a little bolder, a little more exotic than you normally would on an average day. Sweep your hair up with a few tropical blooms, or don a killer set of homewrecker shades. Nothing’s better than barefoot, but kick it up a notch with peeptoe heels (just stay away from flip flops!)

  1. Props, props everywhere. Beach balls, big hats and bottles of pop--so much ready potential for props in this season! Think about ice cream cones, a conveniently located beach book, sailor swimsuits, fisherman’s netting and seashell bras, etc. Or for the truly daring, all you need is a headscarf, a strategically placed parasol, and your own glowing skin to create an unforgettable image that’ll burn itself into your lover’s brain like the sun itself.

  1. Pose for maximum flirt. Now is not the time to be shy and merely suggestive. Each pose should feel like a promise, an invitation to something more just beyond the camera’s reach. Impish smiles, leaning towards the camera to display the girls, or languorously lounging as though waiting to be joined on that oh-so-soft beach towel are all great ways to make the most of this setting. And don’t forget to take advantage of unique details; if you’re wearing a bikini with ties, why not pose while “untying” one side? Va va voom! Who knows will happen in the next few seconds?

  1. Location, location, location. Live locations like the pool or the beach seem like an obvious fit, but consider a few things first:

  • Unless your location is private, there’ll be other people wandering around, possibly photobombing or walking through the shot.

  • Outdoor shoots during the summer are sweaty, and it’s much harder to control things like melting makeup or an unwanted breeze making your hair fly everywhere. And let’s not get started on the squinting.

  • A huge light source like the sun can throw some serious contrasts onto areas you’d rather not focus on, making post-shoot touch-ups more labor intensive and shifting your budget away from getting a better variety of shots.

For this reason, it’s always best to consider doing your summer pinup shoot in an indoor studio that’s equipped to simulate different locations and scenarios. Plus, bless all our hearts, it’s air-conditioned. Having a professional photographer do your pinup shoot indoors lets you have total control over lighting, hair, makeup and number of poses, netting you the biggest bang for your buck. Plus you don’t have to spend an entire day lugging around props and wondering where to get food!

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation now, and start thinking about ways to sizzle!