Each era--forget that, each decade--seems to have its own idea of what beauty is; doubly so for women’s beauty. Fashion and pop culture takes one body type and personality, puts it in a blender, elevates it to an unattainable extreme, and then tells every woman that this is Who She Should Be. Well, dolls, we’re here to tell you that this is steaming hot nonsense. Can you imagine ordering the same meal every time you went out to a restaurant? Or owning 30 identical black shirts? Or having the same conversation with every single persona you know? Perish the thought. Uniqueness brings savor to our lives; we wouldn’t want a peach to taste like a hot dog. Red is never going to to be Baby Blue no matter how hard it tries. All the fun of life is in appreciating things for what they are, the way they are, in all the infinite variety around us. So why do we work so hard at being just like everyone else?

Women are amazingly different and that’s the point! Here are four types of gal who know just celebrate their unique selves and everything that entails.

Terrifically Tattooed

No matter their style or niche, inked-up dolls aren’t afraid to get graphic. No skin concealer here; they have nothing to hide and don’t care who knows it. Each image emblazoned on their skin has a special meaning and only they know the real story behind it. Their lives are a journey and those tats are the stamps in their passports. Get the picture?


Large and Lovely

These dolls know a thing or two about passion. That sly smile and sultry gaze will clue you in to the secret these full-figured goddesses already possess: there’s a world of comfort in those luxurious hills and valleys over which your gaze tantalizingly roams. Truly classical beauties, they know that fads may come and go, but history and desire always come back to the lushest among us.


Abundantly Abled

Dolls who are fighting the good fight could school us all in the importance of self-care, sass, and sheer determination. Rather than retreating out of the spotlight, they know just how to and let their natural beauty shine. They can take any lemons that life throws at them and churn it out into the freshest lemonade on the block. Talk about winning!  


Fierce and Fabulous

Never content to lounge on the sidelines, these dolls are always right in the thick of the action. Ever down for a DIY, they know a woman’s place is in charge and aren’t afraid to get their hands, faces, or anything else dirty. They bring their own backup and are unapologetic and undeterred by any challenge that comes their way. Va va voom!

So what are your unique attributes that deserve a chance to strut their stuff? Let us know in the comments. We’re always taking on fun new ideas and would love to help you shine!