Our Ultimate Summer 2018 Bucket List


Summer’s here, and fun is on the menu. Time to cross some things off that bucket list! Not everyone’s bucket list is the same. Travel is is perennial favorite, of course, but maybe local events or self-care is more your thing. Whatever your longings or budget, here are 12 ideas to make this summer the best. summer. ever.

  1. Island-hop in Greece. Take a cue from Mamma Mia and be spontaneous. In a place known for its islands, you can't go wrong, no matter what area you decide to visit. Make sure to check out Santorini, Melissani Lake, and swim in the Aegean Sea.

  1. Get fuzzy. Wanna be around animals more than people right now? Go on a photo safari, visit that aquarium in Japan where you can hold hands with otters, or put in some volunteer hours at a local shelter.

  1. Have a big backyard party. Invite everyone you know, set up an inflatable pool, add music and your fave cocktail and stir.

  1. Feel like a kid again. Run through the sprinklers, splash in puddles, eat a double popsicle, blow bubbles, build a sandcastle. Fly a kite. Start a water balloon fight. Recapture that feeling--even just for a moment--when summer was a promise of endless fun stretching to the horizon.

  1. Week at the lake. Rent a cabin and invite your main squeeze or your best friends. Do a cannonball off a dock. Hike in the woods, grill out every day, and sit around the fire pit after over drinks and endless gossip. Wake up to birdsong and fresh coffee.

  1. Do a pinup or boudoir photo shoot. Treat yourself to a sexy, full-service photo shoot in a modern or vintage pinup style! Nothing’s more fun than a makeover. And it’s not like this hot weather will have you wanting to wear much anyway--so why not have fun with it?

  1. Become a music festival junkie. Find out which ones are local and plan your weekends around them, or hit the road to see your favorite bands. Wear boho and see the town while you’re there. Take lots of pics and a video or two to show off later or on Instagram.

  1. Finally find YOUR fragrance. Visit a parfumerie (forget the ones at the mall) and ask the scent specialist to help you find your signature scent. Describe the general feel of what you like, and they can guide you to just the right samples.

  1. Do a detox or juice cleanse. Thanks to the hot temperatures and metabolism changes, our bodies naturally eat lighter during the summer anyway, so now is the perfect time to treat your body and skin to an internal spruce-up.

  1. Sleep on the beach. Grab a tent, a bottle of wine, and a bag for shells and head to your favorite shoreline. Watch the sunset, roast hot dogs over a bonfire, and fall asleep to the sound of waves.

  1. Become a grill master. Learn to fire up the best BBQ ever and add your own personal twist. Impress friends, family, and summer romances alike with your flavorful meat know-how.

  1. Start that new hobby you’re always talking about. You know the one. You have a Pinterest board full of ideas. Take a craft class, learn how to can preserves, plant an herb garden, or buy a camera and a how-to book and click away.

What made it onto your list? Let us know in the comments! And visit us to find out just how amazing #6 can be.