Taking the Plunge: Deciding to Do a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography is a growing trend… and for good reason.

Boudoir has evolved from something that was once done as simply a gesture of affection for a partner, and is now one of the largest means of self-empowerment out there! Women of all shapes and sizes are seizing the opportunity to focus on themselves for a day in a way that is uniquely pampering and commemorative.

Boudoir photography is fun, empowering, addictive, and an ideal way to embrace your own beauty. When deciding whether or not to dive into the world of boudoir, consider these hidden motivations that you may not have thought of yet!  

Live Out Your Fantasy

There are two different ways you can take this.

The first is that you can use props, wardrobe, and backgrounds to create an atmosphere or look that you've always imagined and hoped to see yourself in.


Whether that's as a World War II era pin-up gal with luscious curls, a rockin vintage outfit, and some cherry red lipstick. A mysterious and sensual wood nymph with magical accessories and plenty of glitter.  Or a seductively Victorian Madame Bovary in her chambers. These are all eminently doable.

The second is that maybe you’ve always secretly longed to be a star or celebrity of some kind, I know I have!

If being be photographed and admired and desired is something you’ve been longing to do, now's your chance to just go for it! Having your own fabulous boudoir photo shoot is the ideal way to get this fix! It’s also one less thing to regret not scratching off your bucket list!

Every woman is unique and has their own “perfect” boudoir session in mind. If lace and pink isn’t quite your thing and you’re looking for some out of the box inspiration, then I’d love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! I’ll be sure to give you plenty of ideas and tips way before your session rolls around! And with a variety of packaging and prices out there, this is a fantasy that's as attainable as it is fun.

You're All Out of Gift Ideas


What do you give the man who has everything? Bet he doesn’t have professional photos of you in your bare essentials! Imagine his reaction to receiving an album or large canvas of smokin’ hot boudoir photos as a surprise--the gift, if you will, that keeps on giving (wink wink.)

And I know I said that boudoir has evolved to be more than just a gift, and it really has. Your gorgeous looks aside, it’s an intimate way to express your love for that special someone while exploring the best parts of yourself.

It’s a creative and incredibly heartfelt way to say more than words really can. Whatever theme you choose, I guarantee they’ll be absolutely thrilled to see your passion and spark in every image.

And just in case you happen to be in an ongoing competition with your partner as to who can give the better gift, it's really hard to top this one. Whether they manage to top it or not, it's a win-win for you!

So whenever you’re ready, go ahead and schedule a call! I can’t wait to help you plan the ultimate gift for him and, of course, yourself!

Prove you Were, and Still Are, a total Heartthrob


We hear a lot of older women say that they wish boudoir photography had been acceptable back in their day because they would love to have a record of just how gorgeous they were back in their 20’s.

Well, honey, let me stop you right there because you’ve still got it!

As a boudoir photographer, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many incredible women of all ages! However, most of them hesitated when it came to booking their session because they genuinely felt that their age had an impact on their beauty.

Unfortunately, our insecurities can sometimes keep us from embracing the best parts of ourselves.

That’s why it’s time to start challenging the assumption that beauty is something only associated with “youth”. Our beauty, like the rest of us, continues to evolve and change, and that’s a stunning process all in its own.

You deserve to feel as radiant as you look, and a boudoir session that highlights all your best features is the perfect way to do just that, in a safe and supportive environment!

Age is just a number and I guarantee you are absolutely stunning! I’d love to show you if you’ll give me the chance! Even if you aren’t sure about whether boudoir is something for you, a chat won’t hurt!

Take a chance, gorgeous! I promise you’ll thank yourself later!

Dispel the “I'm not Photogenic” Myth


All too often I come across women who fear the camera because they think none of their images will ever look good”

I’ve heard it all.

“I don’t look good in  pictures.”

“I'm just not photogenic! ”

“ I never come out the way I want.”

The harsh reality is that you don't look terrible in photos; your friends and family are probably just terrible at taking pictures of you.

There is not a single woman out there that can't be photographed in a way that makes her feel relaxed and beautiful. Not. a single. one.  And I have photographic proof.

I pinky promise you’ll be absolutely astonished at how gorgeous your final images are going to look. The best part? It’s 100% you. All it takes is a professional who knows who to accentuate and highlight your best features!

My goal has always been to have the stunning women I photograph feel refreshed and renewed when they leave. I want you to wake up in the morning and KNOW, without a doubt, that you’re beautiful and ready to take on the world!

So go ahead and schedule a chat with me! I can’t wait to hear your story and what your vision is for your dream boudoir session!




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