6 Unexpected Things You'll Want to Bring to a Photoshoot

Whether you're doing pinup or boudoir photos, you probably already have a list of items to tote along with you to make your shoot flows smoothly. You probably already have makeup, clothing, hair supplies, etc. But even if you're getting the full, all-inclusive package, you can still personalize your session with some premium take-along!  


#1 Raid HIS closet too

Sure, if you have lingerie that looks particularly good on you, a fabulous pair of shoes, or some cute denim cutoffs, those can add zest to your wardrobe choices on the day of your session.  But don't leave out any potential items lying around his closet!  Button-down shirts, leather jackets, sleeveless undershirts, a favorite tie--these can all be incredibly sexy pieces and lend an unexpected edge to the final product as he's flipping through the album.

#2 Significant items

This can be anything that's important to either of you.  Maybe you're into gardening, and the concept of posing in just an apron and sun hat while holding a trowel really floats your boat. Or maybe he has a thing for fierce warrior women and a handy collection of cosplay body armor.  Perhaps he's a video game fanatic, and would really get a kick out of a cute gamer girl in knee socks and glasses playing his favorite game. Don't be afraid to think outside the box here.

#3 Chargers

Chicago_Pinup_photography (18 of 61).jpg

Whether for your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices, make sure you have these handy! The last thing you need is to be stressing about battery life while you’re strutting your stuff.

#4 Edible props

I bet you didn't think of this one. No, we're not talking about a Luna Bar in your bag--although that's not a bad idea. But even if the studio you choose offers complimentary snacks, this is something you'll be snacking on for posterity. Food props can open up a whole new layer of sensuality; think ice cream cone, grapes, strawberries, a lollipop--pretty much anything you can play with using your mouth and hands.  

#5 Something from your cultural background

If you'd like to give a nod to or really play up a part of your ancestral past, this could be a fun opportunity to do so. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate traditional dress or accessories into your shoot wardrobe-- and really, less is more here!  Think single clothing pieces, statement jewelry, or one dramatic object you can pose with.

#6 T-shirts

Bring one or bring several. Posing in just a t-shirt can be incredibly sexy, whether it's tight, short, or a memento of the concert where you met, for instance. Keep in mind, too, that t-shirts can be modified for the moment. Say the photographer and you decide to go for a motor babe look; you can throw on some jean shorts, a cute bra, and cut a plain white T-shirt down the middle and knot it at the bottom. Boom!  Instant sexy mechanic.

Photographers love working with individual props to make the shoot really specific to you, so make sure you pick items that you’ll enjoy seeing years from now. Be bold, be brave, and above all, have fun!