Which Kind of Pinup Gal are YOU?

There’s nothing more deliciously different than a pinup gal. There’s something about that alluring look that catches the eye and draws the attention—not to mention making a woman feel extra special. It’s easy to assume that a pinup shoot is for someone else. Chances are, you can think of a gorgeous woman who would be just perfect as a pinup girl. We’ll let you in on a little secret, though: every woman has a pinup gal inside, waiting to be set loose. The question isn’t if you have a pinup girl inside. The question is, which type are you.

#1 The Bombshell 

Every pinup gal is entitled to give the “look”

Every pinup gal is entitled to give the “look”

The classic pinup style, Bombshells hit the eye and heart with devastating desire. Often blonde--but not always--everything about the bombshell is curves, curves, and more curves. They draw all the attention in a room just by glancing this way or that, and even the faintest of smiles from one of these confident beauties is enough to stop admirers in their tracks. Bombshells are filled with confidence and ready to strut their stuff, but they aren’t arrogant—they simply know how to catch the eye and claim the attention. Just check out the bombshell’s patron saint: Marilyn Monroe.  

#2 The Party Girl

A pinup gal knows how celebrate the holidays

A pinup gal knows how celebrate the holidays

This pinup gal is all about fun! Party Girls know how to have a good time, and will sweep you right along with them. Sexy, playful, with a hidden shy side, she’ll leave you wondering just how long you can keep up, and longing to find out! Party girls have bright smiles and a secretive look that urges you to come see what they’re going to be up to next, because there’s never a dull moment when they’re invited to the party. Brigette Bardot is a good example of the ultimate party girl—where mixing business with pleasure is always a given. 

#3 The Rockabilly

Rockabillies expertly walk the seemingly contradictory line of being tough, tomboyish, and yet utterly feminine—all while wearing killer heels (or occasionally combat boots). The most modern of pinup styles, rockabilly makes plenty of space for gorgeous alt beauties, embracing both skulls and body art with equal fervor as a red lip and flounced skirt. Think Rosie the Riveter meets Daisy Mae, plus a dash of Pink. Rockabillys aren’t afraid to show off their darker side, but they’ll embrace femininity where it suits them—and the combination of the two factors is what gives them their special sparkle. 

#4 The Burlesque 

You want a show? The Burlesque will give you a show. This pinup owns the entire room and makes sure you never forget it. Nobody does it like her, and Dita Von Teese is the latest expert on this. Glamorous and historical, a burlesque knows instinctively that all the world’s a stage, and love never dies. Burlesque girls command the room, meet the camera head-on, and can’t wait to strut their stuff. When a burlesque girl walks through the room, everyone remembers it later. If Moulin Rouge or pretty-goth is your thing, you may just be a burlesque gal. 

#5 The Siren 

Pinup gal’s are sweet like fruit

Pinup gal’s are sweet like fruit

Full of mystery, a pinup Siren is one thing first and foremost: irresistible.  Like Sophia Loren, her combination of sexiness and elusiveness draws you into a helpless orbit.  She may be leading you straight to your doom—but oh, how sweet it is. Cat eyes, smoldering looks, and secretive expressions will always leave them wanting more. Sirens have an aura of mystique that’s sure to draw in their lovers and let them know that they’re embarking on an experience that can’t be missed. They don’t reveal everything to the camera; rather, they offer hints about what can be expected by closed doors—and they’ll suck you in so that you’ll gladly explore all of her charms. If you’re a siren, you might love veiled eyes, flirtations smiles, and the promise of “more” that you can’t wait to deliver.

#6 The Girl Next Door

Nothing is sexier than a girl who’s got your back, and the cherry pie wholesomeness of a Girl Next Door never fails to allure.  Like Betty Grable, if you can lie next to and stand by your man with equal aplomb, and be equally comfortable in overalls or a negligee while looking adorable in each, then you’re quite likely a Girl Next Door. The Girl Next Door doesn’t have to wear fancy makeup or a stylish, overblown hairstyle, though she can certainly break them out and strut her stuff when needed. She’s as comfortable in bare feet and a tempting grin as she is in heels and a sexy smile. When she has a tool in her hand, you start to wonder just what else she can do.

#7 The Vixen 

Pinup means having ice cream and still looking classy

Pinup means having ice cream and still looking classy

This pinup gal knows how to play nice and naughty, often simultaneously.  A temptress first and foremost, the vixen looks into your soul and sees all your hidden desires, and they all point back to her. She’s joyously all about one thing, and somehow you just know that this will be an encounter you’ll never forget. For inspiration, just look at Bettie Page. There’s something about that smoldering look that draws you in and lets you know that there’s a bit of danger hiding just beneath the surface—and she can’t wait to deliver on that promise. Vixens are ready for fun, and they’ll take those closest to them along for the ride. 

So, what kind of pinup gal are YOU? Do you have that Girl Next Door wholesomeness, or are you ready to channel your inner Siren? Perhaps you have a mix of those personalities, displaying your Party Girl attitude one minute and following it up with your Bombshell beauty the next. Whatever your unique style is, let’s uncover it together! If you’d love to find your unique pinup style, click here. We’ll explore the parts of you you’ve always wanted to show off—and we’ll discover the hidden side of you.

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