10 Unforgettable Bridesmaid Gifts


It’s bridal month, and wedding bells are ringing at Chicago Pinup & Boudoir Photography! Remind your besties why they’re your ride-or-die dolls with a special thank you before the big day. Here are 10 fabulous ways to shower your affections:

  1. A fun-filled pinup photo sesh just for the girls, with all the perks. You and your crew have never looked better! Why not celebrate and capture that with an unforgettable experience that comes complete with glamorous, flattering mementos? It’s an easy and unusual way to bond, relax, and get pampered, all in one fell swoop. Bonus: you can give your own shots to the groom!

  1. Unique, funky jewelry. What better way to show your bridesmaids they rock than with an actual rock? And with all of the artisans out there, it’s a buyer’s market, which means you can you can get them something truly special for real-world money.

  1. The gift of self-styling. Every budget and body is different, and few things are more stressful for bridesmaids than a one-size-fits-all situation. Why not keep things lovely for all and give your gals your pick for color and/or style, then let them do the rest? That way, you’re both sure to get the look you want--and with that many happy, well-fitted ladies, the pictures will be gorgeous.

  1. Vintage hankies. It’s an emotional day. At some point, someone is going to be crying, from joy or nostalgia or simply All The Feels. Make sure they keep their mascara from running with a vintage flair.

  1. Comfy shoes for the big day. Nothing kills the fun like numb and aching toes. Keep those tootsies comfortable, and you will win the Bestest Friend of the Group award forever and ever.

  1. A quirky monthly subscription. There are so many to choose from: stickers, succulents, spices, and infinitely more. There’s something for literally everyone. Plus, every month they open it, they’ll be reminded of your squad and how much fun the big day was.

  1. Monogrammed electric mini-fans. If you are tying the knot between April and September; if you are having your event outdoors; if anyone is going to be wearing pantyhose or trekking between buildings--you need these. The lack of sweat stains and shiny foreheads in your photos will be your lasting reward--not to mention cool heads if anyone has to wrestle Crazy Aunt Irma away from the punch bowl.

  1. A drinking vessel to suit their tastes. Coffee drinker? Give a cute mug. Wine? That doll gets a stem glass. Party girl? Find a fun flask.

  1. A robe they can use to get ready, and for a long time after. Who doesn’t love a good robe?? Whether you go slinky or practical, something to slip in and out of without mussing hair or makeup is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s pretty much every style you can think of in pretty much every size, so mix, match, or personalize--the only limit is your imagination. ____________________________________

  2. A pass. Sometimes, the timing really stinks. One of your besties wants to be there for you--she really does--but life is a lot to handle right now. Let her know that she’s welcome by your side on the big day, but attendance at most of the lead-up events is optional. Give other maids any organizational tasks, and show her some love by not adding to her stress load. You’ll both be calmer and happier for it.So let your #squadgoals go wild this month! We’re here to make it happen. After all, nobody deserves it more.