Saying “I Do” to You


This June, the Chicago Pinup Photography blog is all about weddings! We want to make sure every bride feels as beautiful as she looks.

Knowing who you are and what you want prior to tying the knot is a vital part of finding lasting happiness. Why? Because if you’re not in touch with who you are at the core, you could easily make misinformed or misguided decisions throughout the next several years, relying too much on things--or someone special--to make you happy and complete. While the clock counts down on being single, make sure to say “I Do” to You first: to who you are at the core, what you need, where your interests lie, and what you want.

In the days/weeks/months prior to the big day, make sure you:

Get to know yourself. This includes knowing what you do and do not like, circumstances you can and can’t live with, where you want to go and who you want to be. The qualities we search for are often what we most desire in ourselves. If you do not know yourself, no relationship will complete you.

Blow off some steam by pressing pause on all the hectic work that goes into putting on a wedding, and reassign time for a fun activity just for you and the special people celebrating the marriage with you. Take a spa day, or have a casual movie marathon, or schedule a fun photo shoot. That way, you’ll have more than just stress to look back on.

Take a breather. Getting married can be a highly emotional and important time in your life, so make a space for just five to ten minutes of quiet and meditation. Even if you don’t normally meditate, sit down for a few minutes and find your inner peace. Listening to soothing music or repeating a simple mantra along with your breathing can be a great way to achieve calm and focus--which will only heighten your productivity and enjoyment.

Surround yourself with joy. Favorite scents, skin feels, experiences, music, food, friends. Instead of giving into stress, fill your days with the things you love most, and come wedding time, you will be radiant with an inner contentment that not even the best facials can produce.

Know your type. Most people have heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test, and at the very least you probably know whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. But learning your full MBTI personality type can be invaluable to navigating and maintaining a successful relationship once you embrace unique personality traits--in both you and your partner--as strengths, not weaknesses.

Say “I Do” to You, and you’ll be certain that you’ve figured out exactly what you want and need in a spouse. You’ll know who you are, and be confident in your journey. And bonus! You’ll feel more beautiful than ever before. Trust us--we know beauty when we see it!