How to Choose Lingerie You’ll Love

You’re excited about your upcoming boudoir photo shoot, and now you need some sexy threads—but how do you decide which ones to choose? Whether you’re an experienced lingerie addict or a negligee novice, you want your boudoir photos to look the absolute best they possibly can. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect outfit or outfits for your boudoir shoot, try these tips to get you started:



Stay True to You

Are you a fan of ruffles, feathers, and lace, or does your aesthetic lean more toward sleek, sophisticated black? Do you crave all things bodycon, or are you going for flowy Grecian goddess? Are straps and zippers your groove, or sugar and spice? There are no wrong answers! Finding lingerie that reflects your personal style is the best way to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and when you’re comfortable, your sexiest self always comes out to play, ensuring that your session and the resulting shots are both gorgeous and fun!

Consider Your Comfort with Your Body

Keep in mind your favorite body parts as well as the ones you’re most self-conscious about, and choose your shoot wardrobe accordingly. For example, if you love your chest but hate your tummy, pick a bustier or corset, and avoid babydolls and flyaways. Don’t forget that sometimes a tight tee shirt, plunging cardigan, or his oversized button-down shirt can be just as sexy as traditional lingerie. If you love your legs, don’t cover them up with stockings—or else choose stockings that draw all the attention straight to your legs! 

Remember to ask your significant other what their favorite part of you is, so the photographer can give that area special attention—and highlight that part of yourself with your wardrobe for your boudoir shoot. Shop for the kind of items you instinctively select when you want to look your very best, and set your imagination loose!

Know Your Colors

Black is the most popular color for lingerie, but black items also tend to look identical in most photos, so it’s oh-so-important to add a pop of color.  Whether you choose colored accessories or decide to go for broke with bold, playful pieces, make sure you’re choosing colors that make your skin and eyes pop. If royal blue or spring green or baby pink has always been your color for everyday wear, look for lingerie in that color, too. Think about the colors that are most flattering to your skin tone. Black, again, tends to be universally flattering, but white may make some people look washed out. Take a careful look at the colors that most complement your skin, your hair, and your eyes, then choose lingerie that fits your needs.


Pick Something You Love

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It makes a certain kind of sense to wear undies that your intended audience thinks you look great in, but if you don’t personally feel gorgeous and sassy, it’ll show once the studio lights are on and the camera is clicking away. Make sure that whatever lingerie you select is something you’d pick out of a lineup, not just something that your partner thinks is sexy. Do you feel great in it? Does it make you smile when you look down at your body? That’s the outfit that’s right for you. Remember to treat yourself like the glamorpuss you are. Let your own personality shine through, and you’ll knock their socks off!

Try On Lingerie Before Buying

Sometimes, lingerie that looks great on the rack doesn’t look so great when you put it on yourself. Every woman has a different body type: some women have more curves than others, while others may need a little bit of a boost in their lingerie to get the curves they’re hoping for. Try not to buy lingerie without taking the time to try it on!


Doing some online shopping? Make sure you choose a store with a good return policy. You don’t want to end up stuck with an outfit that you don’t love.


Try Something New


You might want to stick to a style that makes you comfortable, but if you’ve never worn lingerie before, you might not even know what that is—and even if you have, you might not yet know everything about your body. As you’re lingerie shopping, try something new! Pick up that outfit that you always assumed was for “someone else.” Try out an outfit that makes you a little uncomfortable. See how it looks on you. You might just fall in love with something you never knew would be right for you! Be willing to try on different sizes, too. Lingerie, like most women’s clothing, doesn’t make it easy to predict sizes. By going up or down a size, you may get a better fit. It’s not like the size tag is going to show in your pictures anyway.


Don’t Shop Alone

If you were picking out an outfit for a big event, you don’t usually go shopping by yourself, right? Chances are, you go shopping with your best friend: a lady in your life who will give you great advice about the clothing that looks the best on you.

Why would you shop for

lingerie any differently?


Choose a trusted friend to go lingerie shopping with you. Ask her for her opinion. Let her give you advice about what looks good on you. A fresh set of eyes can help you better understand what outfits will work great for you and your body.

When in doubt, just ask!

If you’re still stumped, just pick up the phone and ask the photographer or studio for suggestions to get you started! They do this all the time, and will have lots of great input as to what does and doesn’t work. With their pro wisdom, you’ll be on your way in no time to selecting perfect garments that make you feel like the sexy doll you are!


Are you ready to look your absolute best for your boudoir session? It’s time to go lingerie shopping! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, because I’m here to help. Schedule your boudoir session today and let’s put that lingerie to use!





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