The Offbeat Pinup: Boudoir for the Rest of Us

So you've always wanted to do a pinup boudoir shoot but pink and ruffles and lace are just really not your thing. You would love to do some sexy shots, show a little skin, flash a coy smile here and there, but you’re worried about the final product turning into something overly cutesy, and that’s not the look you had in mind for your session.

You're more of a rebel, edgy, a bit rock-and-roll, maybe even a little androgynous. And that's more than okay! Just because girly isn’t your style, doesn’t mean pinup isn’t for you.  

Quite the contrary actually! Here at Chicago Pinup, we get lovely ladies from all walks of life, each with their own unique style and flair.... and we absolutely LOVE the fact that we get to bring their visions to life!

So if you’re looking for ways to turn your boudoir shots from fluffy to fierce, step right up! Here are some fun ideas to shake things up during your session!


Showcase Your Differences

Rather than trying to hide or soft-focus on the things that make you different, make them the highlights of your pinup session! Your traits are what make you the rare beauty you are, so don’t be afraid to embrace them!

Covered with tattoos? Flaunt those babies. Are you a flower child? Let flowers and shawls be your only adornment. Got Technicolor hair? Drape it across every and anything you can, or let it be the single pop of color against an all-black background. Sporting piercings? Turn them into visual foreplay.  

There really is no wrong way to do pinup, and showing off your one-of-a-kind traits just makes the session all the more incredible! You are deliciously different and uncommonly sexy, and now is the time to put on full display the unique flavor of your charms.

If you have some ideas already forming, now’s the time to give us a call! Inspired sessions lead to some truly incredible (and offbeat) final looks.


Style Me Simple

Your preferred setting isn't traditional and ornate, so why should your photos be? Instead, opt for backgrounds and props that reflect your aesthetic and add to the overall theme you’re trying to go for.

Sometimes a more minimal look is all you really need!

Not a fan of pastels and baroque bedposts? Then try dark colors, concrete walls, and maybe even some rebellious props. Even incorporating everyday activities like pouring coffee or reading can add that dash of urban grit your images are craving. If you're aiming for a natural environment rather than an idealized one, casual interactions with ordinary props is a great way to just that.

The more comfortable you are in your environment, the more natural it feels, and the sexier you'll feel as well. So if you want a more organic look to for your session, don’t be afraid to let us know!

Rachel's PinUp (1).JPG

Lingerie With a Twist

Boy oh boy, are there so many different ways to think about lingerie! I’m sure the first things that come to mind are lacy bras, bustiers, and merry widows, but there's so much more out there than just that!

There are so many ways to get creative with your pinup outfit! Just keep your mind open to different ideas and maybe even find out the type of pinup gal you are to help you find your style.

Think about daytime or office wear styled in a revealing way, simple sweaters, costumes, cotton bra and panty sets, knee-high socks--even just a wad of tulle can be a unique and fun way to put a little edge on your photos. You may even opt to go entirely without clothes and do discreet semi-nudes-- especially if your skin is already covered with body illustrations.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration for your own lingerie outfit ideas, feel free to take a peek at our blog “How to Choose Lingerie You’ll Love” for some great tips on finding that perfect piece.

Don’t know where to start looking? We’ve got you covered! Check out “ 5 Fabulous Places to Find Pinup Clothes for Real Bodies and Budgets” for our five favorite online pinup shops! They have a wide selection of styles to choose from in sizes for every kind of woman! Definitely a great way to start your pinup journey if you’ve never done pinup in the past.

Gender-Bend It

For the Pinup or Boudoir lover that doesn't fit within the binary, or even for anyone just wanting to put a little twist on things, look for inspiration in traditionally male boudoir shots.

Everything from wardrobe to hair to posing can be adapted for all our tough tomboys out there.  Leather jackets, pinstripes, vests, and neckties are all great clothing items to consider. You can be as daring and bold with your look as you’d like and we definitely have some great props for this type of look!

Striking poses that are purposefully authoritative or powerful can be an incredibly sexy way to show off your assets while maintaining your rugged theme!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, feel free to browse through our gallery filled with other lovely ladies that found their own fun and fabulous way to show off their unique personalities! You can seek inspiration from everywhere and even from scenes in your own life!

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and book the pinup session of your dreams! Every woman should be able to embrace the pinup gal within themselves, no matter the type of pinup gal they are.

Just like there's no right way to be yourself, there is no set way to have a successful pinup boudoir session. There are no rules! Now go make your make your pinup dreams a reality, and get sexy as only you know how!


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